About us

The timeless beauty of SOLID WOOD


“DULAL FURNITURE” is a Diversified business entity which has vertically integrated Furniture & Door manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. “DULAL FURNITURE” has started business since 1974. After years of great success in the furniture industry with a workforce of great honesty and high work integrity.

“INVENT Furniture” has started its business from 2012 as a new entity of “DULAL FURNITURE”.

The INVENT family has been manufacturing quality real wood furniture for more than three year for innovative product. We emphasize quality construction, attractive styling and affordability. Using our extensive experience and knowledge as a furniture manufacturer, we have expanded our offering to include product that is manufactured to our exacting standards.


Always wood and only wood. The INVENT family has been making multipurpose using furniture since 2012. All products it's fine grained and smooth texture, is a sustainable hardwood. recently, we’ve added Oak, Beach wood to our more casual offerings

because of its rich character and distinctive wood grain & texture. None of our products contain engineered wood composite materials and all of our hardware is premium grade to ensure years of use and enjoyment.


Offering quality real wood furniture at an affordable price.


We focus on clean and classic designs that are solidly built for your generation and the next. Quality craftsmanship and precision engineering combine to make a product that is not only beautiful, but has an inherent integrity that will be treasured for years to come.


INVENT Furniture has many highly experienced employees whose product knowledge base runs deep. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our customers, representatives and suppliers. Customer service and quality are top priorities